A living & breathing connected machine

The layout and identity of the website are not static; they change in response to the analog data received from a digital machine with a multitude of sensors.

EDITION 02·05·24 10:53:15 | MOOD 6928 | NEXT EDITION 16 SECONDS

You'll have spotted the morphing, ever-changing identity and the human-centred form the design of this website takes; that's because it's centred in a physical space, rather than a digital one.

Websites tend to be designed for machines – optimized for search engines and social feeds, feeding algorithms and instant gratification. This website is designed for humans.

The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions
Ralph Waldo Emerson

This website will never look the same again, with an organic layout that is determined by the mood of a machine, a mood which changes depending on the environmental humidity, temperature, whether it's sunny, if it's been talked to or moved around, or if a physical intervention has taken place.

The logo will never take this form again either, with each axis of the variable typeface responding to mood – a number between 1 and 1000 representing contentment, resulting in a live, ever-changing performance on apossible.com.

Agitators & Pacifiers

Connected to the APOSSIBLE machine are a series of sensors that live and respond to their real world enviroment. Alongside passive sensors that detect factors like humidity and temperature, there are active sensors like a potentiometer that can manually amplify mood, and motion sensors that keep an eye on whether it's been transported to new locations in recent memory.

  • Sound Level Sensor (dB)
  • Movement Sensor (seconds)
  • Humidity Sensor (%RH)
  • Scroll Distance (miles)
  • Light Sensor (lumens)
  • Pressure (hPa)
  • Clicks & Visits
  • Potentiomter (Hz)

Recollection & Memory

Just like organic beings, the APOSSIBLE machine has a short-term and long-term memory, with some sensor data contributing to long-term mood, and some, like current sound levels, affecting mood only temporarily.

As APOSSIBLE evolves, so will the identity, with the emotional form continuing to affect the visual language of its' outputs.

The APOSSIBLE identity, website and physical computer was designed and built by Jake Dow-Smith.