How can technology better support creativity and human fulfillment?

We are a non-profit bringing psychologists, technologists, artists and creatives together to work on applied experiments and prototypes that uplift the human spirit.

Dhatu by James Turrell, 2009. Photo by Florian Holzherr.

Why we exist

We are undergoing an explosion of technological possibility. From new devices and interfaces to new narratives and environments, the technologies we interact with are transforming our psychological experiences and our engagement with the world.

But where is this innovation taking us? Possibility without intention is just chaos.

As these technologies increasingly shape our mental and emotional states, we must step back and think about what we really want from them.

What psychological goals should they aspire to?

What values, technical characteristics, and aesthetic qualities support these goals?

These foundational questions about the purpose of technology demand a broader perspective. That’s why we are bringing creative minds, innovators and psychological researchers together to answer them.

Where we are heading

We aim to assemble a new ethos for technology, rooted in psychological and aesthetic principles that support human flourishing.

We hope this new ethos can provide a sense of intention and direction—so that we can communicate and collaborate across disciplines, channeling our creativity and innovation to serve the public good.

Eventually, as we define new frameworks and objectives to guide us, we will evolve into a studio, empowering applied projects, prototypes, and commissions that contribute to human fulfillment in experimental ways.

What guides us

The forward path of technology does not have to be determined for us. Nor do we have to reject technology altogether.

APOSSIBLE envisions a middle path, where our relationship with technology is balanced, where we are stewards of it rather than passive consumers, where it is a source of creativity, beauty, meaning, and joy in our lives.

We are committed to discovering and defining this middle path, so that together we can move toward a future where our technology nourishes and uplifts the human spirit.

We hope you will join us on our journey.

Who We Are

APOSSIBLE™ is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit made up of positive psychologists, creative technologists, designers, and philosophers. Our work is made possible with private funding from John Metzner. All donations made are tax-deductible as charitable contributions.